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Safe Families for Children


Individuals and families at The Crossing are invited to become short or long-term host families for at-risk children through the Safe Families for Children Program run through Olive Crest.  Host families offer a safe, temporary place for children while their struggling parents cope with issues like illness, unemployment, addiction, domestic abuse, or incarceration. The ultimate goal is to protect the family, prevent child abuse, keep children out of the foster care system, and, ultimately, reunite children with their biological parents so we prevent more orphans from existing.

According to an article on the Safe Families for Children website, last year, 95% of children in Safe Families homes returned safely to their own family or to a relative, compared with only 15% that entered the foster care system. By offering a support system for overwhelmed and resource-limited parents, we can come alongside these families and act as the "extended family" they so desperately need.

What does serving in this partnership look like:

  • Become a Host Family that takes a child or children in for a short amount of time.
  • Become a Coach who walks alongside/cares for the Host Family as they care for the child.
  • Join the Resource Team to support the host family: meals, errands, tutoring, babysitting, mentoring the SF child, and providing resources like clothes, groceries or supplies for the children.

To learn more about our Safe Families partnership or to join the Safe Families Team at The Crossing, contact Debbie Collette today.