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The CSM United

The CSM (Crossing Student Ministries) United is:
We are intentional about sharing the same mission statement as “big church” so, we are about helping students who are saying no to God, say yes to Him through his Son Jesus Christ.

CSM “United” stands for Jr. High and High School ministries working together on particular joint affairs. While meeting at different times and places, are gatherings where students may come and feel welcomed no matter where they’re from, what their families are like or how “messy” their lives or stories seem. We want to help teenagers view their faith as a central part of their identity. We teach students that God is far less interested in a “sin scoreboard” than He is in growing in a deeper trust relationship with them.

CSM J-High
Where: 2115 Newport Blvd. / The Warehouse
When: Every Thursday, 6:30-8:30 pm / Saturday 5:30 pm / Sunday 9:15 & 11:15 am
What: We aim to be a community that serves each other out of love, not obligation. We love others, welcome all, and work off of the energy of J-Higher's to create a fun and exciting environment in which any student would love to attend. Come join us as we walk out life together and learn about what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. 

Who: Skylar Chaput

CSM High…
Where: 2115 Newport Blvd, / The Warehouse 
When: Every Wednesday 6:30-9pm; *if students come during the weekend services, we sit with parents or together at the 11:15 service.
What: The format for Wednesday nights is: fellowship and hang out; welcome and announcements; music; a relevant and practical message; and small groups with only the best leaders. Students can expect to be treated like young adults… hence sitting in service on the weekends. This is all a part of an “intergenerational” ministry style that prepares students for taking ownership of their faith at every stage of life.
Who: Justin Chandler


The CSM High School 


The CSM Junior High



For further information or questions regarding CSM United contact Justin Chandler 949-764-1625