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Partner with Parents

Another school year is here! And with the season comes the smell of fresh cut grass, crisp mornings, pencils, binders, the looming rapid succession of holidays. With all of these wonderful things comes schedule management, finances for each new sport or extracurricular, teenage hormonal and psychological development, relationship management and the lot!

We understand this season and appreciate your needs as parents along with some of these "stressors" we'll just call them! As youth workers we genuinely would like to be a support, encouragement and service to you as you seek to raise kids with a certain degree or value of character and integrity. To be straight, we want to show kids and parents how to put Jesus at the center of the family, which basically leads to better choices and brighter futures!

We call this "partnering with parents" and its our aim to increase The Crossing's student ministry awareness and support of parents and families in this way!

This website is simply a STARTING POINT that will hopefully lead to resourcing you (with blogs, tools, tips, etc), but also hopefully leads to more meetings between parents and church staff (and volunteer small groups leaders!); better engagement with quarterly parent meetings... basically the church and the household working in unity!

Check back right here each month for our updated blog or resource link.

This month we are featuring a blogpost that comes from one of our favorite ministries called "Orange" and you can get that article here.

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