Discussion Guide


  1. High / Lows, Highlights, Week at a Glance
  2. Recently we celebrated Halloweekend. Did I have a chance to attend? Invite a friend? Serve? Please share my experience, feedback from those who attended with me or what serving was like?
  1. Andrew shared how many of us can relate to jumping off the high dive for the first time. Do I have a similar story or circumstance to describe that level of risk?
  2. He also shared one of his first experiences dating when he ran. And ran and ran and ran. What was my first date like? First crush? How did I respond?
We all run. Like the song we sang says: “Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God. Oh, it chases me down, fights ‘til I’m found.”
Open my Bible to Jonah chapter 1.

  1. Have I heard the story of Jonah before? What has my reaction been?
  2. We all run. Sometimes we don’t stop. Is there an area in my life where I am running? A situation I am avoiding? An area I know I need to SAY YES to?
  1. What do you do, when someone you love is about to make a mistake that is going to change everything?” Is there someone who is about to make a decision I know will have a significant impact on their life? Have I taken the risk to say something?
  2. Is there someone God has asked me to “go” to? Or, someone I could invite to come to The Crossing with me this weekend? There are times where we all say no. Today is a great day to SAY YES!

Jonah chapter 1.

Imagine hearing God speaking, in the same way that Jonah did. God spoke clearly to Jonah, in an undeniable way. Try it today! Pray. Ask God to speak to me. 1 Samuel 3 is an incredible passage where someone, who couldn’t tell if it was God or not, said; “Speak, for I am listening.” Prayer is that easy! I can start today by praying what someone already has. God is sure to answer.

Living by the sea gives me an incredible insight to this story. Imagine being far out into the sea. Trying to run away on the ocean. As far as I can go. Imagine a storm like one I have never experienced before and being thrown into the sea. Connect to the story. Immerse myself in the story.

Is there a place where I would not go? If God, or someone else, were to ask, I would say no? Why is that? What would it take for me to do so? Would I run? How can I relate to Jonah?

Is there a place I would be willing to go, but I haven’t gone yet? Someone I can share what is happening in my life? A way to let someone know what I already do? Take a risk this week. Jump into The Deep End.