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The Crossing Church began over 30 years ago as a space where people who had never been to church before could explore faith and experience the life-changing ways of Jesus.

The big questions at the heart of this challenge were: Can there be a church that regular people love going to? Can we create meaningful friendships across diverse backgrounds? Can we make a difference that lasts beyond our lifetimes? And over these 30 years, we have proven that the answer to all those questions, is YES! 

So, for you today:

If you’ve ever asked the questions, “Why Jesus? Why church? Why faith?”... 

If you’re wondering how you can form strong, meaningful relationships... 

If you want to know how to live into your unique wiring and gifting... 

We invite you to check out Growth Track. Get to know yourself, God, and The Crossing. 

Growth Track guides you through your first steps at The Crossing Church through a 4-part video series you can do at your own pace that includes worksheets and personality assessments to help you: 

  1. Explore Jesus, Church and Faith  
  2. Form strong, meaningful relationships with others
  3. Grow in how you are uniquely wired and gifted
  4. Engage with your gifts, talents and abilities to make a difference 

This informative, quick (less than 15 minutes each) series of videos is a great way to check out church and find out more about yourself. You can do it on your own time and The Crossing is always here to answer questions or help when you need it. Email  


The Crossing Growth Track guides you through your first steps at The Crossing, made up of four experiences that help you to 1) Explore Jesus, Church and Faith 2) Connect with others from The Crossing 3) Grow in how you are uniquely wired and 4) Engage with your gifts, talents and abilities to make a difference.

stepONE - Explore

Explore the beginning of “Church” and find out how The Crossing came to be. stepONE takes places the first Sunday of every month.

stepTWO - Connect

Become aware of the many ways you can get to know others who are a part of The Crossing. stepTWO takes place the second Sunday of every month.

stepTHREE - Grow

Dive into the details of your personality, discover your unique Strengths, Challenges and Motivation to unlock your full potential. stepTHREE takes place the third Sunday of every month.

stepFOUR - Engage

Find the opportunities available through The Crossing to live out your purpose and make a difference. stepFOUR takes place the fourth Sunday of every month.


If you have any questions please contact Justin Chandler.