Karol Krawchuck-Sandoval

The Crossing en Español Creative Arts Pastor

Phone: 949.764.1539

Email Karol

Hometown: Whittier, California

Family: I just got married so my family is just my husband and I but eventually starting our own family in a few years.

Describe your “job”: I basically make sure that the Crossing en Español has a service that they can be proud of but also leave knowing God more by every element in the service.

Favorite place to eat: Guisados

Favorite drink: Trenta iced green tea – no sweetener & no water 😉

In my free time I enjoy…to go on walks, play the piano, catch up on podcasts/books, watch “The Office” on Netflix

Favorite thing to do in Orange County...come to work! Or the beach

One place I’ve always wanted to visit is…Paris

Favorite movie of all time: Elf

One thing on my bucket list: Open a restaurant or café