Skip Mullins

Facilities Director

Phone: 949.764.1531

Email Skip

Hometown: Newport Beach, California

Family: My wife Kim, our three adult children Christine, Jeffrey, Jacob. Our three grandkids Railyn, Jordyn, Evelyn.

Describe your “job”: Being the Facilities Director at the Crossing, I and my team ensure the Campus is Clean and functioning properly.

Favorite place to eat: Haus of Pizza is the best!

Favorite drink: Diet Coke is the go to.

In my free time I enjoy…Fishing

Favorite thing to do in Orange County...the beach/ocean is what OC is all about.

One place I’ve always wanted to visit is…I always wanted to visit Switzerland. Mountains are my favorite place

Favorite movie of all time: Any Clint Eastwood movie!

One thing on my bucket list: Bucket list? Not so much.