Troy Lee

Worship Pastor

Hometown: Lodi, CA

Family: I have been married to my wife Olivia for 7 years. We have 2 boys named Sailor (4) & Silas (1).

Describe your “job”: As a Worship Pastor I get to help God's people adore, praise, give thanks, express how they feel, and repent during a time and place of worship.

Favorite place to eat: In n Out

Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper

In my free time I enjoy… Riding Bikes, Golfing, Skating, and recording cover songs with my wife.

Favorite thing to do in Orange County… Ride bikes to the beach with the family and watch the sunset.

One place I’ve always wanted to visit is… I would like to visit Nashville.

Favorite movie of all time: Sing.

One thing on my bucket list: I would love to learn to surf.