Yes and Amen. That's our prayer this year. God, help us say "yes and amen" to what you are asking us to do. There are needs in this city and across the world that we are perfectly placed to address as a church. Now is the time. We are the people. Let's go above and beyond.

At The Crossing, you are not alone. We are a community of people learning to love God and our neighbors. Together we are creating a place where people can explore faith, experience the life-changing ways of Jesus, and never ever feel alone.

Every year we pray and ask God, "What can we do together that we couldn't do alone? And, what can we do to show people they are not alone?" That's how we decide what to do at the end of each year. This year, God has things for us that we can only accomplish together!

Across the world: WATER

Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause more deaths each year than all forms of violence, including victims of war. Children are especially vulnerable. The World Health Organization notes that "the deaths of 297,000 children aged 5 and under could be avoided each year if these risk factors were addressed."

We can't help everyone, but we are perfectly placed to help 1,000s of families and we won't stop until the entire country of El Salvador has access to clean water. Through our close partnership with One ATTA Time, we have funded, built, and delivered over 1,700 filters to families desperate for clean water. This year, together we will send another 540 filters that cost $75 each. Every filter sent means 10+ years of clean water for a family of four. Yes and Amen.

In this City: Kids and Students

God is doing something BIG! The number of families, kids and students who are coming to The Crossing is growing. In a generation where less people know the love of God than ever in the US, young people need a place to feel safe to explore faith and experience the life-changing ways of Jesus. The Crossing is perfectly positioned to be that place! But because of our growth we have an immediate need to renovate our kids' spaces and make more room.

Whenever a kid or student comes to The Crossing, they need to enter a welcoming, distraction-free space uniquely designed just for them where they can have the best chance to say yes to a God who loves them. The cost of renovation for our kids' rooms is going to be about 70 thousand dollars. Together we can reach the next generation. Yes and Amen.

Before the end of 2023, please do three things:

  1. Pray for these needs. Please pray that each person who receives these gifts knows they are not alone and knows that God loves them.

  2. Pray about what you will contribute. When we all come together, we can accomplish so much more than we can alone. Please pray about how you will participate. It could be $75 for one ATTA water filter or $5,000 toward making room for more lives to change.

  3. Give a gift. Every size makes a difference! Thank you!

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The Crossing is the place people go to explore faith and experience the life-changing ways of Jesus. We believe love is an action and all people are welcome in God's presence. Lives change here because of God's love working through open people, and then lives change around the world because those people work together.

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